Add a new supplier

For a supplier to be able to send e-invoices to you as a customer, it is required that they add you in their customer directory, in Pagero Online. All organizations and companies that can receive electronic invoices via Pagero, are searchable in Pagero’s public supplier directory. Exceptions are those recipients who have chosen not to publish themselves as recipients in Pagero Online.

  1. Either click on the Supplier Directory – Search & Add suppliers, in the left meny, or the shortcut Add supplier. add_supplier_1
  2. Use the search field, to locate the company you want to add. You can search by company name, corporate identification number, VAT registration number or EAN code. add_supplier_2
  3. Click Add, to the right of the supplier. A request is sent to the supplier. In the request, you can also include a personal message. add_supplier_3
  4. Supplier responds to your request, and can thereafter add you to their customer directory. After this, they can start sending you electronic invoices. Please note, that it is not mandatory for the supplier to respond to your request.
  5. The supplier will be added to your supplier directory, as an “approved supplier.”