Technical guidelines for Pagero Auto Connect

Pagero Auto Connect is an intelligent client that manages file transfers between different folders within or outside of your network. The client supports several different communication protocols.

Via Https, Pagero Auto Connect can be used to:

  • transfer your payment files to Pagero Online; and
  • fetch reconciliation files from Pagero Online.

Via FTP/SFTP, Pagero Auto Connect can also be used as a local communication client and thus communicate directly with your bank or local clearing house without Pagero accessing the files. This kind of communication requires that your organisation has its own IT department since Pagero Support cannot assist with the technical setup.

System requirements

Operating system

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix


  • Java JRE1.8

Open ports in firewall

The following ports must open in your firewall depending on your communication setup:

  • Https: 443
  • SFTP: 22
  • FTP: 21

Installation and configuration

Pagero support will assist with the installation and configuration of Pagero Auto Connect. Please refer to the separate technical installation guidelines for more details about setting up.