Compliance Alert - Gradual mandatory e-invoicing implementation for public contracts

Update: Compliance Alert - Gradual mandatory e-invoicing implementation for public contracts
Date: 2023-04-17

On 12 April 2023, the Government of the Hellenic Republic announced in the Government Gazette the obligation to submit electronic invoices by economic operators[1].

The new law will cover major public authorities by the mid of 2024, starting from 12 September 2023.

Public authorities and entities are required to receive and process e-invoices, and economic operators must submit electronic invoices that are in accordance with the European standard.

The obligation to submit e-invoices does not apply to:

  • Contracts concluded in the fields of defence and security;
  • Public contracts and contracts for projects, preparation of studies and provision of technical and other related scientific services, supplies and general services;
  • Concession contracts for works and services, as well as rules for the electronic invoices issued for each category of expenditure of the contracting authorities or contracting bodies;
  • Low-value public contracts specified by the law;
  • Certain public contracts between public sector entities;
  • Certain contracts between contracting authorities;
  • Certain contracts concession between public sector entities;
  • Other expenses, the amount of which is up to EUR 2500,00.



[1] According to the Law no. 4412 of the Hellenic Republic on Public Works, Procurement and Services, "economic operator" means any natural or legal person or public entity or association of such persons and/or entities, including temporary business partnerships, which offers to the market the execution of works and/or projects, the supply of products or the provision of services.

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