Pagero Online Routing - FAQ


In any document, there can be multiple identifiers associated to the intended recipient of the file, so how does Pagero prioritize which information should be used upon sending your invoices? In this article, we will try to clarify this information.

How does Pagero route an invoice with multiple IDs available?

Once a document is uploaded to Pagero, we will always try to find any ID in your source format that will allow us to confirm if this recipient is already part of your company's directory, with the following priority in mind:

  1. Customer number

  2. E-Invoice ID

  3. OVT number

  4. IBAN number

  5. GLN

  6. Organization number

  7. VAT number

If any match is made upon validating against these IDs, any other identifier with lower priority will not be taken into account, and the invoice will be sent electronically to the matching recipient's service provider.

For this reason, it is very important to make sure that all the identifiers available in a document are correct, otherwise your invoice can be misrouted to a different company.

Please note that e-mail and print distribution of your documents are constructed as fallback-options. This means that documents will always try to match with recipients for e-documents before being sent via e-mail or print services.

What happens if no match is made with any of the IDs provided in your document?
  • If your company has the E-mail distribution -agreement activated with the correct setup - more information available in this article - we will check if an e-mail address / customer number for the E-mail distribution directory was provided for the recipient. If a match is made, the invoice will be sent via e-mail.
  • Only the PDF presentation is sent via e-mail, meaning that your customer will not receive the XML associated to its contents if the document is delivered using this method.
  • The customer number for E-mail distribution is different from the customer number of your company's customer directory. E-mail distribution is only checked after every other ID doesn't match.
  • If your company either doesn't have an E-mail distribution agreement, or no data was provided for this service to be activated, we will confirm if your company has an External Print -agreement. If this agreement exists, we will try to send your invoice via our printing partners, so the document makes it in physical format to your customer.
  • If it wasn't possible to send the document via E-mail distribution / External Print, whether because your company doesn't have the necessary agreements or because there wasn't enough information for the documents to be processed this way, your invoice will stop in error, and the document will not be delivered.
How can you make sure that you are using the correct identifiers?

As mentioned previously, it is extremely important to avoid providing wrong information in your documents, if you ever have any doubts about which IDs are associated to the company that you want to invoice, you can always double-check this information in your customer directory. 



 If you are missing some information that would help with the routing of your documents, you should first check the identifiers available in the customer directory. If you still can't find it, it's always better to leave this data empty - so the document can be processed through different means if possible - rather than providing a random value (e.g. 'N/A', a random number...).

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