Managing your customer directory

Managing your customer directory within Pagero Online is easy. Utilizing Customer Directory enables greater control over where your invoices are routed. Linking a customer number to a certain E-address that exists within Pagero Network removes the need of using E-addresses or other electronical identifiers in your invoices.

There is already another article which shows how you can add a new customer to your directory here: 

Editing and and deleting your customers is even easier.

1. Go to Customer Directory --> My Customers

2. Search for the customer you wish to edit by typing a search word in the "Search" box. You can search by company name, organization number, VAT number, GLN number, OVT number, IBAN number, electronic id or service provider. If you're searching by company name, you can place a portion or the whole name between asterisks (*) to improve you results. Search box is case sensitive.

3. Once you have the results you wished for, you can reveal more information about your customer by clicking their name. The results also shows immediately which service provider they're currently set up within Pagero Network and the customer number you're using for them. If your customer has a red text next to their name stating "Non existing", the customer has been deactivated from the Network. In these cases you should contact your customer and inquire about their current E-address information.

4. To edit the customer, click the Settings. This will open a new window with following tabs: Basic settings and Advanced. To edit or add customer numbers, you can press the button Edit customer number or simply type the new number in to the box and press Save. You can also have more than one customer number for your customers. You can separate them simply with a comma (,). In case of multiple customer numbers, it's advised to edit these via the Edit customer number button.


In certain cases, a recipient within Pagero Network can have more than one service provider. If this applies to your customer, you can see an additional box in your recipient settings labeled "Select service provider". Here you can change where your invoice will be routed to.

You can find more settings behind the Advanced-tab. It's here where you can also delete, activate or deactivate the customer from your directory. Deactivating the customer unlike deleting the customer, keeps the customer if you would like to activate the customer in the future. Most likely, there won't be a reason to touch the advanced settings, but if you're unsure about these, you can contact Pagero's support. 


Problem Situations

Your invoice has been stopped with a following error, and you can find your recipient in Pagero's public directory: "Recipient of document X did not match any recipient in Pagero public customer registry or in your customer directory. Verify that the recipient is added to your customer directory"


Check if the customer number used on your invoice matches the customer number in your customer directory. After this you can resend your invoice.

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