Compliance Alert - Peppol BIS updates Self-Billing specifications and validation artefacts

Update: Compliance Alert - Peppol BIS updates Self-Billing specifications and validation artefacts
Date: 2023-06-02

In May, Peppol released on GitHub the A-NZ Invoice and Self-Billing specifications and its validation artefacts based on BIS Billing 3.0.15.

All changes will become mandatory as of 7 August 2023, and the Peppol eProcurement BIS can be used in Australia and New Zealand without localization.

Actions to take

  • Implement the changes for the Peppol documents you support by the mandatory deadline (see below).
  • Inform relevant service providers of these planned changes that may affect their implementations.

Timelines for releases

  • 6 May 2023: BIS Billing release
  • 29 May 2023: The A-NZ release for Invoice and Self-Billing
  • 7 August 2023: All changes relating to the May 2023 release for specifications and associated validation artefacts will become mandatory

Confirmed changes for the NZ May 2023 release

There will be changes to EN16931, as documented in CEF release notes related to UBL. For more details, please refer to Peppol BIS Billing release notes and CEF release notes.

Due to the above changes, A-NZ Invoice (BIS Billing extension), Self-Billing specifications, and validation artefacts have been updated.

Furthermore, there will be editorial changes on NZ tax invoice requirements.

Changes to rules and code lists reflected by validation artefacts

     Changed the PEPPOL-COMMON-R050 rule to validate the format of ABNs (ICD code 0151). The severity of this rule has been updated from ‘warning’ to ‘fatal’.

     Removed PEPPOL-COMMON-R048

     Changed UBL-SR-51 rule to correct test for the cardinality of address line 3

     The following rule names were updated to align with the AUNZ naming convention:

  • BR-E-06 to BR-E-06-AUNZ
  • BR-E-07 to BR-E-07-AUNZ
  • UBL-SR-44 to UBL-SR-44-AUNZ
  • UBL-SR-45 to UBL-SR-45-AUNZ
  • UBL-SR-46 to UBL-SR-46-AUNZ
  • UBL-SR-47 to UBL-SR-47-AUNZ
  • PEPPOL-EN16931-P0100-SB to PEPPOL-EN16931-P0100-AUNZ-SB
  • PEPPOL-EN16931-P0101-SB to PEPPOL-EN16931-P0101-AUNZ-SB

Code lists and affected validation rules

For details on the code list changes, please access CEF Issue #342.

     Changes to ICD code list (rules BR-CL-10, BR-CL-11, BR-CL-21, BR-CL-26):

  • Added codes 0221, 0222, 0223, 0224, 0225, 0226, 0227, 0228, 0229, 0230

     Changes to the EAS code list (rule BR-CL-25):

  • Added codes 0217, 0218, 0219, 0221, 0225, 0230
  • Removed code 9955

     Changes to UNCL7143 code list (rule BR-CL-13):

  • Added code EMD

     Changes to the EAID code list (rule PEPPOL-EN16931-CL008):

  • Added codes 0221, 0230
  • Removed code 9955
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