Where can I find error messages and erroneous documents in Pagero Online

Not all sent invoices reach the destination. This can happen for many reasons, which can be broadly categorized in two groups: Rejections from the receiving service provider and Internal errors within Pagero's systems.

When an invoice encounters an error, an email gets sent to the address you've chosen in your company's settings. These emails can come in few different templates and languages based on your settings, and while the email doesn't directly tell which invoices have encountered what error, it tells you where you can go examine the issue. Here's how you can check your erroneous documents:

1. Log in to Pagero Online: https://www.pagero.com/login 

2. In order to find the error message, navigate to Messages-tab -> Inbox

3. In order to find which document(s) have encountered an error, navigate to "My documents" and then either "Handle files with errors" or "Handle documents with errors" based on the error message you've received.

4. In both menus you can narrow down the selection with keywords or filters. Simply pressing "Search" will show every erroneous document you currently have. Broadly speaking, "Files with errors" will mostly contain your sent documents which have invalid structure and format, while "Documents with errors" will concern invoices rejected by the receiving service provider.

5. Clicking on the invoice/file number will reveal more information about them. The error reason will be provided in a separate box at the bottom of the window. You will also have options to resend and delete the erroneous document/batch. 

Some small errors can be directly fixed in Pagero Online. In these cases, there will be an additional field called "New Value". Here you can add a new value to replace the incorrect one, then click "Resend document".

Alternative option is to delete the erroneous document from Pagero Online, make the corrections and resend the invoice via your normal routine.



Note, that you do not have to take any actions if the error message states the following: "The document(s) are being handled by Pagero. There is no need to resend the document(s)." These documents are currently being investigated by the support department. You will be notified if the document still needs corrections on your behalf.


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