Compliance Alert - Mandatory filling out GTIN for NF-e and NFC-e

Update: Compliance Alert - Mandatory filling out GTIN for NF-e and NFC-e
Date: 2023-06-05

ENCAT and the Treasury Department have released Technical Note 2021-003 version 1.21 (NT), which changes the GTIN validation.

Key changes

The SINIEF Adjustment 07/05 and the SINIEF Adjustment 19/16 require filling out the cEAN and cEANTrib fields in the Electronic Goods Invoice (NF-e) and in the Electronic Consumer Invoice (NFC-e) once the commercialized product enclose a bar code with GTIN.

Additionally, these mentioned SINIEF Adjustments demand that the NF-e and NFC-e authorizing systems must validate the information described in the cEAN and cEANTrib fields with the GTIN Centralized Registry (CCG), and the invoices must be rejected in case of non-compliance with the information contained in the CCG.

NT 2021-003 version 1.21 replaces the NT 2017-001, as the provisions of that NT have already been received in Version 7.0 of the Taxpayer Guidance Manual - MOC, and its annexes, published by Act COTEPE/ICMS 69, of 26 November 2020.

Changes indicated in Version 1.21

30-day postponement of the implementation in production of the version verifying the existence of the GTIN in the CCG for the following goods:

  • Goods related to beverages and soft drinks;
  • Cement;
  • Perfumery;
  • Personal hygiene and cosmetics industry.

The complete list is shown in Annex I, Group II of the NT 2021-003 version 1.21 mentioned above.

Validation details

The GTIN validation rules will be implemented in 2 stages, according to the implementation plan. The initial stage has already taken place, with the exceptions that can be seen in the table below and correspond to the rules that were activated according to the provisions of version 1.10 of NT 2017.001.


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