A GLN number, is a special identification number used to identify different places or locations. It helps businesses communicate and exchange information accurately. The GLN is made up of a series of numbers and is assigned to entities like companies, warehouses, or specific areas within a building. It ensures that each location has a unique identification that is recognized worldwide.

The GLN number refers to the billing or invoicing entity. When generating e-invoices, businesses often include their GLN number as a way to identify themselves and facilitate accurate and efficient communication between trading partners. The GLN helps ensure that the invoice is correctly attributed to the correct organization or location within the supply chain.

What does GLN stand for?

GLN stands for "Global Location Number".

How to get a GLN number?

To obtain a new GLN (Global Location Number), you will need to contact the authorized GS1 organization in your country or region. GS1 is a global organization that sets standards for business communication and identification. Visit the GS1 website (

Do all organizations need a GLN for e-invoicing?

While not mandatory, having a GLN benefits organizations in e-invoicing. It ensures accurate identification and smoother communication with trading partners.

How many digits is a GLN number?

A GLN typically consists of 13 digits. The first digit represents the GS1 company prefix, which is specific to the organization that has been assigned the GLN. The following digits represent the location reference, which is unique within that organization. Overall, the combination of the GS1 company prefix and the location reference forms the 13-digit GLN number.

Can GLNs be used internationally?

Yes, GLNs are globally recognized and can be used internationally. The GS1 system, which includes GLNs, is an international standard for business communication and identification.

Can GLNs be used for other electronic documents besides e-invoices?

Yes, GLNs can be used to identify parties or locations in various electronic business documents like purchase orders, shipping notices, and more, not just limited to e-invoices

Can a company have more than one GLN?

Yes, a company can have more than one GLN. A GLN is a unique identification number used to identify different locations or entities within a company. If a company has multiple locations, business units, or divisions, it may need separate GLNs to accurately identify and track transactions for each of them. Having multiple GLNs allows for better organization and communication within the company and with trading partners. It provides flexibility and clarity in managing different aspects of the company's operations.

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