I cannot login to Pagero Online

Forgot password

If you have forgotten your password to Pagero Online and need to reset it, you can do this through our webpage www.pageroonline.com. All you need to have is your username so we can send a link for you to reset your password. 


  1. To reset your password, go to www.pageroonline.com and fill in your username. Once you´ve done this, click on next. 


  2. Then click on forgot your password?

  3. Click on send reset link and an email will arrive in your mailbox to the email that your user is connected to within a few minutes.


    Note! The reset link can sometimes arrive in your spam-inbox so make sure to check this if you haven´t received the email after 10 minutes. If you have clicked more than once to receive a reset link, make sure you click on the latest email you have received since the link has a time limit.


  4. The email will contain a reset link together with your username. Once you click on the link, your web browser will open a new window where you can register your new password.



Note! If you have auto-saved your password for the web browser for Pagero Online, you need to change the password to your new one because otherwise the new password won’t be registered when you try to login.

Forgot username

If you have forgotten your username for Pagero Online you can get your username by

-Contacting your companys admin user of Pagero Online. They are able to login and check your username

-Contacting Pagero Support by email, ticket, chat or phone and we will provide your username for you

After getting your username, should you need to reset your password, please follow the steps on section "Forgot password".

I still can't login or my account is locked

If you have already followed the steps in the previous section but still can not login or if the login pages says that your account is locked, please contact Pagero Support and we will help you with any login issues.

After too many failed login attempts, the user account will be locked. In this case Pagero Support will be able unlock the account.

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