Pagero Free - FAQ

Pagero Free is a costless alternative companies can use to start their journey into the world of electronic invoicing. Pagero Free offers a basic setup you for sending invoices.

What can I do with Pagero-Free account?

You will be able to browse Pagero's network, search for trading partners, as well as invoice your customers.

Is there a limit of documents that I can send using Pagero for free?

Pagero Free enables you to send up to 36 documents annually before fees may apply.

Is there a lock-in period, or can I opt out anytime before my 36 free transactions?

You can opt out anytime before your 36 free transactions end or when they end

How many users can I have by registering to Pagero Online?

You will be having two users which be added automatically when you register yourself. If you required more than two, extra costs might apply.

What services are included?

Basic Network Connectivity, basic authentication, basic document storage, basic document presentation, basic format support, basic compliance, basic reporting, basic analytics, basic network SLA, basic support SLA.

What does basic storage document mean?

Basic Document Storage provides access to send and received business documents in the source and target format, attachments as well as a standard PDF presentation. Storage period is 90 days. 

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