Compliance Alert - Amendments in the Electronic Receipts schemes

Update: Compliance Alert - Amendments in the Electronic Receipts schemes
Date: 2023-07-14

The Costa Rican Ministry of Finance has approved Resolution MH-DGT-RES-0013-2023, which updates the electronic receipt schemes for tax purposes. The new version of the Resolution affects Article 1 to modify the reading of the electronic address related to electronic receipts and annexures.

Also, note 5 of Annex 1, referring to the section “Annex and Structures 4.3”, has been amended. As a result, VAT is now taxable on sales of goods or services on credit in electronic invoicing systems when the good or service is taxed at the time of sale with an electronic invoice with the addition.

Fields affected

In the sales conditions field, the following codes are added:

  • Code 10: "VAT credit sales up to 90 days" (Article 27 VAT).
  • Code 11: "Payment of the sale on credit in VAT in up to 90 days" has been agreed (Article 27 LIVA).

In Note number 8.1, Value Added Tax Rates were included:

  • Code 09: Reduced tax rate of 0.5%.

The field name "Exemption Percentage" was changed to "Exempted Rate", and the field type was adjusted to "Decimal", gaining an extension of 4.2 characters (four integers and two decimal places).

Taxpayers must modify integrations and ERP systems to incorporate these updates.

Timelines to consider

The new Resolution enters into force as of 10 September 2023. To allow taxpayers to make modifications to their electronic receipt systems, 90 calendar days are provided from the date this Resolution becomes effective.

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