Compliance Alert – Adjustments in XML and XSD version 1.0.33

Update: Compliance Alert – Adjustments in XML and XSD version 1.0.33
Date: 2023-07-25

The Bolivian National Tax Service (SIN) has published version 1.0.33, which adjusts the XML and XSD in various online issuance documents.

Changes include

  • Graphic representation and XML of the Sales Price Export Commercial Invoice
  • XSD of reconciliation notes has been adjusted to allow up to 10 decimal places in detail

Regarding the Commercial Export Invoice of the Sales Price, changes in the XML and the graphic representation included altering positions of the following elements: Exchange Rate, Currency of the commercial transaction, Buyer's Address, Port of Destination, and Discount.

In the same way, some fields have moved closer to other related information:

  • GROSS PRICE, before costs and expenses,
  • OTHER EXPENSES, in the composition of national costs and expenses, and
  • OTHER EXPENSES, for the composition of international costs and expenses

More details about this update are available here.


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