New version of the German XRechnung format

Format: XRechnung 2.2
Update: New version 2.3 available
Date of update: 2023-08-01

To German users of Pagero Online email delivery service.

Pagero will support version 2.3 of the German XRechnung format used in our email delivery service on 2023-08-01.

Customers that uses XRechnung via email are recommended to update the format in their email distribution settings. Otherwise there is a risk that documents will be rejected by the receiver.

For more information regarding the XRechnung format incl. versioning, change log etc., see

Please note that this version change ONLY affects documents delivered via our email delivery service, not files delivered via PEPPOL or other delivery channels.

If you have any questions, please contact Pagero Support

Best regards,
Pagero Integration Department

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