Add new user in Pagero Bankgiro link


To create and add a new user within your company in Pagero Bankgiro Link program, the administrator user can easily accomplish this task by following the steps below:


  • The administrator user will need to log into Pagero Bankgiro Link account (Only adminstrator can add a new user)
  • Navigate to the "Users" section. You can typically find this option within the main menu.

  • Once in the "Users" section, locate and select the "New User" option. This action will trigger the opening of a new window dedicated to user setup.

  • In the newly opened window, input all required information for the new user. This includes specifying a unique username, creating a secure password, and selecting an appropriate authorization level that defines their access privileges.

  • After entering the necessary details, click the "OK" button to confirm and submit the new user's information.
  • With the information successfully submitted, the new user can now log in using the provided username and password. They have full access to the program according to their authorized level.
  • If the new user needs to download the program, you can easily locate the download link right here

By following these streamlined steps, the administrator can efficiently add a new user to Pagero Bankgiro Link, enabling the new user to promptly access and utilize the program with their designated credentials.


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