I cannot access certain features in Pagero Online, how do I change my permissions?


What features you are able to access when logged into Pagero Online depends on what permissions your user has been granted. For Pagero Online this most commonly occurs with the Settings tab. Additionally if you use Pagero Payment Online for your eBanking, your permissions affect which document flows you can see and handle. The outbound flow, the inbound flow and the different document types all require different permissions. 

In order to update a user's permissions in Pagero Online, you must be logged in as an administrator user. You can then navigate to "Settings" and then "Users" and "View Users". 

Here you will find a list of all users within your company. Click on the applicable user and you will get a list of all available permissions to choose from. Once you have made your changes, click save. 


Changing permissions within a Company Group

If your company is part of a company group, administrators are not able to change user permissions. Instead, a Company Administrator user must send in a request to Pagero Support requesting the applicable changes. This applies to both permissions and access to other companies within the company group. 

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