What is this Pagero Message I received an email about?


Pagero Messages are notifications sent to your Pagero account with updates regarding your account. To view these messages in Pagero Online you simply choose "Messages" from the left-hand menu. You will then also get an email notifying you of a new message in Pagero Online. 

Settings for Pagero Messages

To choose how frequently you receive email notifications about your messages and to which email address, you can update your company and user settings. 

To choose the notifications for your own user go to "Settings", then choose "Settings" again and lastly "User settings". There you can choose whether to receive mail notifications or not. 

For company-wide settings you must be logged in as a Company Administrator and go to "Settings", then "Settings" and lastly "Company Settings"

Starting in the "General" tab, you can change the mail notification settings there under the header "mail". 

Then you can also go to the tab "Notifications" to choose how frequently you receive notifications about documents to be fetched in Pagero Online. 

Messages regarding your documents in Pagero Online

If a document you attempt to send receives an error you will get an Error Report delivered as a Pagero Message. This includes documents that are stopped on Pagero's side as well as those who are rejected by the recipient's VAN. If the message is from the recipient's VAN, the recipient must contact their VAN for further information. 

If you have documents in error that have not yet been handled, you will receive reminders of these unhandled erroneous documents until the document has been deleted or successfully resent. 

Messages regarding customer and supplier directory requests

If you use the future "Suggest new customer" or "Suggest new supplier" to have your supplier or customer added to Pagero's public directory, you will get a Pagero Message once the request has been handled informing you whether the request was approved or rejected. 

If you have a closed customer or supplier directory, you will also receive messages whenever a customer or supplier requests to add you to their directory in Pagero Online. 

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