Account Mapping in Payment Online


In order to use Pagero Payment Online, your accounts must be mapped correctly. After setting up the integration between your bank and Pagero you should therefore take a look at the account mapping and ensure your accounts are mapped as they should. 

Account mapping is what decides which transactions get sent to which banks, based on the information you give in the file you send and how your accounts are mapped. This then also works in reverse for your inbound files, matching the information in the file from the bank to the correct account in Pagero.

Mapping your accounts

1. Go to "Settings" and then choose "Accounts" from the sidebar. (Note: for Service beauraus you will first have to choose "Clients" in the sidebar and from there choose the client in question)

Here you see all of your banks and how many accounts have been configured for each, which is to say how many accounts have been integrated to Pagero.

2. Underneath your accounts you will see your account mapping. Click "Edit" to add or change an account.

3. Now choose "Add account" to map a new account

4. Now you add the mapping details based on how you want your files to be directed. 

a. Account number should be the account number you will use in the file you create, this will then be listed under "Account in file"

b, Account type should match the account number

c. Tick "Charge different accounts depending on document type" if you have different accounts or banks based on what type of document you send. Then follow steps d through f for each document type.

d. Choose which bank the account to be charged is connected to

e. Choose which account to connect by ticking the "Charge account" box, you can choose multiple accounts here, for example if you have different accounts for different currencies

f. Choose fallback account, which will be the account the payment will match to if it does not fit to any of accounts (e.g. if a payment is in a currency you do not have a set account for)

f. Click "Save".




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