How to handle and resolve common error message "Found accounts missing in settings"



Customers frequently encounter the following error message when attempting to upload files through the payment portal.



This message typically appears for issues related to the accounts or settings used for processing payments. This message suggests that the system has identified a problem with the configuration or setup of an account that is supposed to be involved in a payment transaction.

  • It could mean that an account required for processing a payment is not properly configured or set up in Pagero. This might include missing bank account information, payment settings, or other necessary account details.

To resolve this issue, you'll need to review your payment settings or the specific payment file in question to ensure that all necessary accounts are properly configured, linked, and accurately entered. If you're working with a payment processing system or software, you may also want to consult the system's documentation or support resources for guidance on troubleshooting and resolving this issue.

To update your account mapping in Pagero Payment Online, please follow our step-by-step guide Account Mapping in Payment Online

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