eProcurement - PO tracking - Search

In the eProcurement - PO tracking area, the search mask offers you the possibility to search for your orders according to various criteria.

Each search is triggered by clicking on "Start search".


eProcurement - PO tracking - Search.png

(1) Search for specified parameters
The search function allows you to search for orders according to specified parameters (supplier, status, periods). To do this, select the desired entry in the field by clicking on the orange button (drop-down list).

(2) Free search
In addition, it is possible to search for freely selectable entries in the fields "Order number" and "info text".

(3) Search by date
The date and time can be freely entered in the two fields "From" and "To". Any date can also be selected by clicking on the calendar symbol next to the field.

(4) Reset search
Clicking on "Reset search" deletes the entries in all search fields and resets them to the default setting (today).

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