Why are my login fields missing in Pagero Online?

In case you can't see the fields for entering your credentials (either username or password) on the login page to Pagero Online, you should clear your site data and cookies for Pagero Online. After this, remember to accept the cookie policy on Pagero's website the next time you are logging in. The process can vary slightly based on the browser you're using. 




To remove cookies on Pagero Online, we recommend that you follow the pictures below. We also recommend that you completely shut down the web browser after following all the steps to make sure that the web browser have fetched new updated cookies to the browser. 
If you are still experiencing issues after following the guide, then we recommend that you also check if the browser was completely shut down last time, by looking for the web browser process in the Windows program "Task manager". Ensure that all browser processes are closed before attempting to log in to Pagero Online again.

Google Chrome:



Microsoft Edge:



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