Cancellation of Services

To be able to process your cancellation of service(s) we kindly ask you to provide the necessary information for us to be able to process your cancellation. 

We process all terminations of agreements in writing, make sure that it is an employee within your company that is authorized to cancel services that fills out the form. When this is done, this is sent to Pagero for processing, after filling out the form you will receive an email confirming that the case has been received by Pagero and then you will be contacted from the department who handles cancellation of services. 


Below we have collected the things to think of and where to find information: 

Be mindful when filling out

  1. Contact details
    1. E-mail: Use the same e-mail as you use in Pagero Online 
    2. Phone: If there are concerns we may need to reach you for further information and to proceed as quickly as possible we need your phone number 
  2. Company information 
    1. Company name: We need the name of the company who uses the services you wish to cancel 
    2. Company ID: We need the ID of the company who uses the services you wish to cancel

Your customer number can be found on the top right corner of the invoice.

customer no.png


To directly submit a request regarding your subscription click here and choose Cancellation of Services & Subscriptions under type of request.

(Link below is for general requests)

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