Security & Data protection in the Support process


Data minimization

We value the privacy and security of our customers’ data, and we encourage them to be mindful of what data they share with us. We use fixed fields as much as possible, and when submitting a ticket in our portal the customers are provided with information on how to limit what data they share and why it is important to avoid disclosing sensitive information in tickets.


Redact function

Within our ticketing system, we can of course delete entire tickets, but we also have a redact function that allows us to hide sensitive data from unauthorized personnel. This function is used to protect the confidentiality of our customers’ data if the customer by accident includes sensitive data such as passwords, social security numbers, or other highly confidential information when submitting a ticket, but we still need to keep the ticket in order to support the customer. The redact function replaces the sensitive data with asterisks or other symbols, making it unreadable to anyone who does not have access to the original data.


Storage limitation

We follow the principle of storage limitation, and we only keep tickets and user accounts that are relevant and necessary for us to provide our support services. Tickets that are no longer relevant to the customers or our service will be deleted based on pre-set conditions, such as the expiration date, the resolution status, or the customer’s request. Users who are no longer active or have requested us to delete their accounts will also be removed from our system.


Limiting access to tickets and users

Only Pagero employees who have undergone all of our required introduction training and courses receive access to our support tools, and we use multifactor authentication (SSO) for all accounts which are immediately removed upon termination of employment. We also apply role-based access to ensure that we limit the access to tickets and users to only those who need it to perform their work.


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