Setting your e-ID for different service providers

This article will go over how to manage your service provider settings and set your e-ID for different service providers.

Before sending e-documents to a new service provider, you need to define your unique id in Pagero Online service provider settings for that specific service provider. This will show as the sender id for the receiving service provider and recipient.


To set sender e-ID:

1. Go to Settings->Company information

2. Choose Service provider settings tab

3. Find the service provider you intend to send documents to from the list. Here you can add the senders/your companys e-ID.

The id to be added in the field here will vary depending on the service provider, for example VAT-number, GLN or an organisation number.

You can check the number in brackets next to the service providers name and look for the matching explanation in the list at the bottom of the page. This will tell what type of id needs to be added.

4. After adding the values, remember to click Save at the bottom of the page


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