Uploading/Replacing SAML certificate

SAML certificate is mandatory if your company wishes to use SSO for login, either when setting it up or when replacing an existing certificate that is about to expire. Users with admin-rights can do this directly in Pagero Online themselves. Uploading a new SAML certificate into Pagero Online is easy, and this can be done in either the old or the new interface:

The Old Interface:

  1. Login to Pagero Online: Pagero Online. 
  2. Go to Settings --> Company information --> Security settings
  3. You can upload a new SAML certificate in the Signature Verification Key by choosing the file and then pressing Upload


The New Interface:

  1. Sign into Pagero Online
  2. Go to your company account by clicking Edit Profile button next to your company's portrait on the left, or by clicking top right corner and choose Company Account.
  3. Navigate to Security.
  4. Press Choose File and select your certificate, then press Upload.

The process is same when replacing an older certificate, you will simply override the previous one. You will be notified about a certificate that is about to expire for the first time 30 days in advance the expiry date, and another one 7 days before the expiry date. These notification emails will be sent to your company's every admin user.


How the notification email will look like.

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