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Common questions

How do I send documents via e-mail?

First, you must have Email distribution -service enabled. There are two ways to send documents via e-mail, and you can find info about these in this article: E-mail-distribution 

Can I send my documents to multiple e-mail addresses?

Yes. You can link more than one e-mail address to a customer number in your Pagero Online Email Distribution list. Alternatively, you can separate multiple e-mail addresses directly in your documents with semicolons (;).

What will be the sender's email address when my document is sent via email distribution?

Recipient of the email will see as the sender.

My customer tells me they have not received the email, why is that?

You should first check if your document has been rejected. You can find guide for this here: Handle documents with errors. 

If you do not see your email there, you can check how & where it has been delivered by following this guide: How to check if my invoice (or any other document) was sent properly? 

The document seem to be delivered in Pagero Online, but the customer still has not received the email?

The recipient should first check their Junk Mail. They should also check that the email address has not been blocked by their email provider.

My document has been rejected, why is that?

You can find more info about handling rejected documents in here Handle documents with errors. You should check the error message and act accordingly. There is a list of the most common e-mail error codes and messages at the end of this article.



Common e-mail error codes

Code 550: Recipient's address does not exist or is unavailable.
Solution: Confirm the correct e-mail address from your customer and resend the document.

Code 552: Typically encountered when there is a problem related to an attachment in your email, for example file size or lack of server space on receiver's end.
Solution: Inform your customer that they should contact their IT about their e-mail server error.

Code 602: Issues at recipient's e-mail server.
Solution: Inform your customer that they should contact their IT about their e-mail server error.

Code 605/607: Recipient's address has been blocked due to failed delivery.
Solution: As the recipient's address has been blocked due to failed delivery, you should ask Pagero's support to unblock recipient's email address by submitting a request. 

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