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What is e-mail distribution? What value does Advanced provide over its Basic counterpart?

    • E-mail distribution allows for the delivery of your e-documents via e-mail to your trading partners - this is particularly helpful if you have business partners that do not have electronic capabilities.
    • Basic E-mail distribution allows for the exchange of only PDFs, which are not considered electronic documents, as they are not in a standardized format with structured data that can be electronically transmitted between systems.
    • With Advanced E-mail distribution, you will be capable of:
      • Selecting one structured format (from our entire range of public formats) per document type, making it so all e-mail-distributed transactions related to a specific document type will be delivered in the chosen format.
      • Selecting one format per document type and per recipient, helping you meet the demands your different business partners may have.


Does it have a cost?


How does it work?

    • After activating any E-mail Distribution service, you will gain access to the tab 'Distribution' inside our Portal2023-12-24 00_43_59-Home.png
    • If you've purchased the Advanced version, inside the 'Distribution' tab, you'll be able to select the format that should be used for all outbound documents from Settings > Sending > Document specific configurationDocument specific config.pngimage-20231025-105006.png
    • To select the format that should be used per recipient, click on the 'Recipients' tab, select your trading partner, and you'll be able to specify the document you'd like to update by click 'Document type' - to select the format, click on 'Advanced'Recipient specific config.png
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