Network Zones


A network zone can be considered a group of zip codes and can be useful when sending shipments to different parts of a country. To start working with a network zone go to:

Prepare -> Network zones


Here you can either search for pre-existing zones or create new ones. For the purposes of this article we will press "Add new".


In this view there are three parameters to configure:



The country of the network zone.


Determines whether or not the zone is to be connected with a network node.

Zone name

A name for the zone.


Click on "Save" to continue to the second part of the setup:

The second screen defines what zip areas to include in the current zone, here are a few pointers to help you get started:

  • It is possible to create Zipareas only with one zipcode. In this case add the same zipcode to both From Ziparea and To Ziparea.​
  • Letters and digits may be used to define a ziparea interval.
  • The comparison of zipcodes is made from left to right when using alphanumeric characters. The system is not case sensitive so it’s possible to write with big or small letters.
  • A letter has a higher value than a number.

When you are done press "Save". You have now created a network zone.



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