Copying an existing price list

It is possible to copy existing price lists instead of having to create a new price list from scratch.

To do so, go to "Settle" and "Price lists".


Search for the price list you want to copy, check the box titled "Select price list" and press "Copy price lists"


A new view will be presented:

The following parameters are prompted:

Price list valid from/to The date range for which the price list is to be considered active.
Freights/fees valid from. The date for when the new freights and fees are to be considered active. Note that these fields can be left blank if the same date as the "Price list valid from" date is desired.
Copy freight cost/ Additional fees If the costs from the original price list is to be copied over, checking these boxes will do so.

When you are satisfied with the settings, press copy. A background job will now start copying the price list, please note that the process is not instantaneous so it might take a while before the new copy is displayed.


When the copy is ready and uploaded it will have the same name as the original price list but with the "_Copy" suffix.


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