Creating Price Lists

There are six steps to follow when creating a price list;


  1. Creating the header
  2. Add possible Post Code Areas
  3. Add Additional Fees
  4. Add Logistics Services (if several)
  5. Add Customer Number (if several)
  6. Add Freight Costs


When you´ve created the header, you will see this view:




  1. Select the tenants menu item for Freight Price List


  1. Fill in the Price list header information

- Price list description

- Logistics service

- Currency

- Valid from and Valid to date, etc


  1. Select “Save” to save the price lists header


Now you can manage your pricelist.


Under “Manage” drop down you can add


  • Freight Cost


  • Additional fees


  • Logistics Service


  • Postal code area


  • Customer numbers







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