Introducing our new default application response PDF design

We are excited to introduce a new design for our default PDF presentation for application responses.

Announcement: Introducing our new default application response PDF design
Service: Pagero Online
Date 2024-02-09

This PDF presentation is generated and provided for all application response documents in Pagero Online.

We will be rolling this out to all customers starting from 2024-02-26.

This does not affect customers who have their “own” customer-specific application response PDF presentation built by Pagero.

While structured formats (e.g. XML, EDIFACT, X12 etc.) offer the most value in application response flows from an automation perspective, we nevertheless offer a PDF presentation for those who enjoy a visual representation. This PDF presentation can be configured to act as either the main document or as an external attachment, depending on direction and settings.

NOTE: This document type is sometimes referred to as invoice response. 

An example of the new application response PDF presentation design can be found below.

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