Create a self billing specification

In order to create a self billing specification go to:

Settle -> Create self billing specification



1. Fill out the requested information (mandatory fields are marked with *). The system uses these criteria in order to find the correct Transport Shipments that should be connected to this Self-Billing specification. 

2. Click Create in order to create Self-Billing Specification.

3. Select action

Show Specification in Normal Form
To be able to approve the specification.

Show Specification in Normal Excel Format
Get the whole Specification data in Excel format.

Recalc Specification
Re-calculcate Specification if some changes have been made in Price List or in Transport Shipment. Can be done only if Specification has not been approved.

Reload Specification
Re-load Specification if it was needed to add or delete Transport Shipments from Specification.

Delete Specification
Delete Specification if it has been created wrongly.



4. In order to go through and Approve Specification, choose Show Specification in Normal Form and click OK.


5. Fill out Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Due Date.

If there are several lines in Specification only the first line must be filled out.

6. Verify data in the fields which are open for editing.

7. Approve Specification if everything is OK, otherwise click Back.





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