Submit a request

Creating a ticket is the most efficient way to contact Pagero Support since it will ensure that the support agent will get as much information as possible to start working on the request. 


Start by visiting our Support Center and click the SUBMIT REQUEST icon in the upper right corner

sumbit request.png



Choose the platform or function in the drop-down menu depending on what your request concerns


Fill in the form

For an optimal assistance by Pagero's Support team, we recommend adding a detailed description of the problem, including:

  • Impact on your business
  • Screenshots and attachments, if applicable
  • When the errors have occurred/timestamps
  • What process produces the error
  • Any additional information that you consider relevant to solve the case

When done, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form to send in your request. 


Follow and update the ticket

To be able to follow and update your tickets, you need to log in. After you have created a ticket an account has automatically been created, all you need to do now is to create a password.

If you already have a password, just log in and fill in your credentials. You can then jump to the section My activities below.


Log in

Click on LOG IN at the top menu


Create a password

Click the link Get a password and follow the instructions to create a password

Get a password.png


My activities

When you have set your password and are logged in, you are now able to see the status of your support request under My activities, and can easily update it with new information if needed.

You will always receive an e-mail notification when your request has been updated.




Under the section My activities and Requests, you can find: 

Your requests

All the requests that you
have made.

Requests you are CC'd in

If someone has put you as
CC in a request, those will
be shown here. 

Organization requests

With this feature, you get an overview of all the requests that are associated with your organization.

For this feature, a separate setup is needed, please contact your sales responsible or Pagero Support for this.



For each of the above parts you will have an overview of all the requests, click on the request you would like to review or add more information to see more information. You can answer the request, and add additional information and attachments.














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