Archive retention setting deadline approaching

2024-03-19 Reminder: Archive retention setting deadline approaching; please verify your settings in Pagero Online!

Announcement: Archive retention setting deadline approaching
Service: Pagero Online
Date 2024-03-25

As part of our ongoing commitment to offering you the best compliance coverage possible, we at Pagero introduced an upgrade to our Archive solution during 2023 that allows you to select your archive retention time from a selection of legislatively applicable options.

If you have not yet set a retention time, we want to inform you that unless your retention time has been set on the 25th of March, Pagero will set your retention time to the Standard retention time applicable in the country your company is registered with in Pagero Online. You can find the Standard retention time for each country in Pagero Online or in section 8 Document Retention of respective Country Compliance Report (CCR), Standard is equal to the retention period for invoices not related to immovable property.

If you wish to set the retention time yourselves before this, we have created comprehensive how-to guides and FAQ articles that provide detailed information on how to select the correct setting for your purposes.

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