Duplicate document control in Pagero Online


What is duplicate control?

Duplicate control is a feature in Pagero Online that will prevent duplicate invoices from being sent accidentally. The control will check if a document with the same document identifier has already been sent during the fiscal year and stop it in an error state.

If a duplicate invoice is sent while the duplicate control is on, it will stop in error and can be found from Handle documents with error view in Pagero Online.


How to turn duplicate control on/off?

If you need to resend documents that have already once been sent, the duplicate control setting needs to be turned off.

Note that company admin user is needed to access settings.

1. Go to Settings->Settings->Outbound tab


2. Turn duplicate control off by choosing "No control" and on by choosing a month indicating the beginning of your fiscal year.

3. Click Save at the bottom of the page

4. Resend any documents that have stopped in duplicate control in Handle documents with error view.


Please note that the detection only checks against invoices created after the duplicate control setting was enabled. If the setting is turned off and back on


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