How to register a new account in Pagero Online


If your company is not set up with a Pagero Online account yet, you can sign up for free through our website


Register a new account in Pagero Online

1. Go to Pagero Online and click "try for free" to be redirected to the sign-up form. 

2. Start by filling out your company details. The required fields are marked by a red asterisk.

a. Your company name

b. The email you add here will be used as part of your companies contact information

c. The country your company is registered to. 

3. Once you have chosen your country in the dropdown menu, a new section will appear titled "Company Identifiers". These will vary based on your country, the screenshot shows the available identifiers for a company registered in Sweden. You only need to enter one of the identifiers listed to register your company. 


4. Now fill in your User Details before creating your account. These details will be connected to your personal user account in Pagero Online. 

a. Your email address which will also be your username used to sign in. 

b. Your full name

Then click Create Account. 

5. You will now receive an email to the address you gave under User Details which includes a link to activate your account. Click the link to read and approve the user agreement and then create your password. 


Now that your account has been created and activated you can get started with Pagero Online. 


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