Compliance Alert - Changes in NF-e recipient manifest process

Update: Compliance Alert - Changes in NF-e recipient manifest process
Date: 2024-03-22

In a recent development, the Technical Note 2020.001 version 1.50 has been released to align with Adjustment SINIEF 43/23, allowing a one-time correction of the conclusive recipient manifest record.

Main changes

The change enables up to 2 occurrences of each conclusive event, aligning with Adjustment SINIEF 43/23, which amends Adjustment SINIEF 07/05.

Important change of recipient manifest

Recipients can now record up to 2 events for each conclusive manifest per NF-e (goods electronic invoice), including:

  • Operation Confirmation;
  • Operation Unawareness;
  • and Non-Realization of Operation.

For instance, a recipient may confirm an operation, then claim unawareness and subsequently confirm it again. However, only the latest recorded manifest will be valid.

As outlined in clause fifteenth-C of Adjustment SINIEF 07/05, all recipient manifests must occur within a maximum period of 180 days from the NF-e authorization date, considering the rectification period specified in the same clause's § 3.

Implementation Timelines

  • Approval environment (company testing environment): 1 July 2024;
  • Production Environment: 1 August 2024.
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