Compliance Alert - Specifications update for PINT-SG

Update: Compliance Alert - Specifications update for PINT-SG
Date: 2024-04-04

Singapore has released the new Peppol Interoperability Naming and Technical Standard Singapore (PINT-SG)  Specification and announced its implementation timeline.

What are the new features?

The following features have been introduced:

  • cbc:IssueTime - An optional element designed to capture the issued time;
  • cac:InvoiceLine / cac:OrderLineReference / cac:OrderReference / cbc:ID - Enables referencing multiple PO numbers to the item line.   

Together with the specifications, the following detailed schedule is provided.

2024 - PINT preferred

  • Between February and October: all AP are obliged to upgrade to support PINT (two-way);
  • Between February and December: all SPs and Companies will be updated to support PINT (two-way);
  • PINT receiving capability update begins as each connection is upgraded with bulk upgrades for solution providers;
  • Domestic PINT transactions can optionally begin if agreed between parties.

2025 - PINT mandatory

  • Between January and March 2025: All parties should begin sending PINT as default, BIS 3.0 format as a backup.
  • As of March 2025, SG BIS 3.0 will be removed from the network.
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