Service Descriptions

To know which services you have, please visit our Service Description site on and search using our handy guide below.

You can search the page using the article number/part number on your human readable pdf version of your invoice from Pagero. You should have corresponding information if you get the invoices via EDI/EHF.

Searching is easiest done by using CTRL and F and input the part/article or service name number in the search field and pressing Enter. The numbers will be highlighted and if there are several matches you can cycle through the results by pressing Enter again until you reach the desired entry. You can also scroll through the page but we have many services and the list is long.


Finding the numbers or names on the pdf version of the invoice

Old layout: In the old layout it says “Part no” pictured here marked in yellow. The service name is noted below the part number marked in blue.

service descriptions old layout.png


New layout: In the new layout it’s called “Article no” pictured here marked in yellow. The service name is noted to the right of the article number marked in blue.

service descriptions new layout.png

If you’re unable to find the article number or service name on the Service Description list, please reach out to your main representative/seller primarily for more information regarding your services.


If you don't know who your main representative/seller is, please submit a request regarding your services, click here and choose My Pagero Subscription & Invoices under type of request.




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