Introducing our new default invoice PDF design for USA

We are excited to introduce a new design for our US-specific default PDF presentation for invoices and credit notes.

Announcement: Introducing our new default invoice PDF design for USA
Service: Pagero Online
Date 2024-06-03

We will be rolling this out to all customers starting from 2024-06-03.

This PDF presentation layout (of invoice and credit notes) is generated and used when customers do not attach their own PDF presentation or when customers have made an active choice to enable our layout in their company settings in Pagero Online.

Notable localization for the US, compared to other versions/markets:

  • US Letter Size  (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • US date format: MOM DD, YYYY (e.g. "Jan 01, 2024")
  • US decimal and thousand separator (e.g. "1,000.10", for one thousand and ten cents)

This does not affect customers who have their “own” customer-specific PDF presentation layout built by Pagero.

We have also prioritized supporting the same level of data/content available in the old layout, which means that the changes made in the new design are primarily visual.

Examples showing the new US PDF presentation layout can be found below.

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