Compliance Alert - State responses to tax document issuance amid Rio Grande do Sul calamity

Update: Compliance Alert - State responses to tax document issuance amid Rio Grande do Sul calamity
Date: 2024-05-17

Recently, several Brazilian states issued communiqués with instructions on issuing tax documents in response to the public calamity in Rio Grande do Sul caused by heavy rains:

  • Sefaz Ceara/CE: The Secretariat of Finance of Ceará announced an exemption from issuing tax documents for shipments of goods donated to Rio Grande do Sul, provided a declaration of content accompanies them as per Sinief Adjustment No. 9/2024.
  • Sefaz Bahia/BA: Despite the rains in Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia's electronic invoice services operate normally. However, there may be some lag in price information displayed by the Bahia Price of the Hour application due to the transfer of some services to the cloud.
  • Sefaz Rio Grande do Norte/RN: The damage caused by the rains in Rio Grande do Sul has halted the virtual transmission of electronic tax documents authorized by Sefaz Virtual (SV-RS) to other states, affecting the viewing of electronic invoices by taxpayers and consumers in Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Sefaz Paraiba/PB: Despite the floods in Rio Grande do Sul, all electronic tax document services operate as usual in Paraíba. Any difficulties should be checked with system suppliers, and adjustments should be made to network configurations and firewalls.
  • Sefaz Mato Grosso/MT: The MDF-e authorizing environment of Sefaz/RS is temporarily unavailable. Contingency operations are permitted, and the MDF-e is considered issued when the DAMDF-e in contingency is printed. Failure to transmit the MDF-e to Sefaz post-contingency will result in fines for non-issuance.
  • Sefaz Amazonas/AM and Sefaz Tocantins/TO: All Brazilian states, including Amazonas and Tocantins, have waived the issuance of tax documents for donations to Rio Grande do Sul to expedite assistance to flood victims.
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