Compliance Alert - Brazil introduces optional Financial Reconciliation Event

Update: Compliance Alert - Brazil introduces optional Financial Reconciliation Event
Date: 2024-06-13

The Brazilian National Treasury published a Technical Note (NT) introducing the Financial Reconciliation Event (ECONF).

NT 2024.002 version 1.00 introduces ECONF, allowing financial transactions to be linked to Goods Electronic Invoices (NF-e) and Electronic Consumer Invoices (NFC-e) processes occurring after the issuance of the tax document. It is optional and helps companies demonstrate tax compliance between financial information, payment methods, and issued tax documents.

For model 55 (NF-e), taxpayers from all federated units will use the Event WebService provided by Sefaz Virtual of Rio Grande do Sul (SVRS). For model 65 (NFC-e), taxpayers must use their respective Federal Unit's Event WebService, the same URL used for the Cancellation Event.

The Event Registration Web Service for ECONF has a generic interface and specific schemas:

  • Schema XML: envEventoNFe_v9.99.xsd;
  • Specific part: leiauteEventoConciliacaoFinanceira_v1.00.xsd;
  • Event Code: 110750 - "ECONF";
  • Batch structure: 1 to 20 events.

For ECONF cancellation:

  • Schema XML: leiauteEventoCancelamentoConciliacaoFinanceira_v1.00.xsd;
  • Event Code: 110751 - "Cancellation Financial Reconciliation".

The implementation timelines are as follows:

  • Approval environment (company testing environment): 1 July 2024;
  • Production Environment: 2 September 2024.
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