Working with the Freight Event Scheduler

The Freight Event Scheduler is used to automate things like releasing shipments at certain events at specific times, some examples of what the Freight Event Scheduler can be used for are described in this article.


The scheduler is accessed under Prepare -> Freight Event Scheduler.

The interface is divided in two sections, the Log section and the Event section. This guide will mainly focus  on the Event section.




Below follows an example of how to set up a Release schedule:


  1. Create an Event:

    • Click “Create event.”
    • Provide an “Event name” (a free-text element).
    • Choose an “Event type” from options like “Release,” “Route,” or “Pre-book.”
  2. Set Event Details:

    • Select at least one weekday for the event to run (picked days change color to green).
    • Specify the “Scheduler start time” (e.g., 08:00 for an 8 am start).
    • Choose a “Recurrence” option from the drop-down.
  3. Frequency and Time Zone:

    • Define the “Number of events per day” (e.g., 3 times after the Scheduler start time).
    • Set the event’s “Time zone” (e.g., “Europe/Stockholm” for Swedish time).

Remember, the time zone affects only the “Scheduler start time,” not “Departure” or “Cancel time.”




Filter Options:

    • Use filter settings to specify precise details for routing, pre-booking, or releasing shipments. Filter by Network node, From country, departure time, cut-off time, and logistics service provider.

Departure Dates:

  • Earliest departure: The earliest shipment date associated with this event.
  • Latest departure: The latest shipment date for the event.
  • Apply an offset to widen the range (e.g., Earliest departure 15:00 with offset -2 and Latest departure 17:00 with offset 3).
  • Cancel Time:
  • Similar to departure, but checks the “Cancel time” of Transport shipments.
  • Note: Cancel time is available only for action “Release” and for routed TS (taken from timetable).
  • From Node and Country:
  • Specify the “From node” of the shipment.
  • Be cautious when combining “From node” with “From country” (they can be from different countries).
  • Troubleshoot tip: Manual CS/TS without a “From node” won’t match the filter.
  • Consignor’s Country:
  • Filter by the country of the Consignor.
  • Logistics Service Provider:
  • Use this filter for Transport shipments, but not for Event type: Route.

Notification settings:

For each event it is possible to activate a notification (e-mail) which will be sent if any shipments will get status of Failed in FES, ie. the shipment is not routed/pre-booked/released. (Note that multiple e-mail addresses can be provided)



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