Compliance Alert - Sefaz alerts brand owners to update product barcodes

Update: Compliance Alert - Sefaz alerts brand owners to update product barcodes
Date: 2024-06-20

The Secretary of State for Finance of Alagoas (Sefaz-AL) issued an alert to all taxpayers and brand owners with goods using the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Product Identification code. This information must be updated according to the National Product Registry (CNP).

The GTIN, used as a product barcode in Electronic Invoices (NF-e), is responsible for correct product identification in retail and digital platforms, ensuring unique and clear product identification. The update and registration of the GTIN must be done through the official CNP platform.

The CNP platform allows for registering technical product information, generating barcodes, and printing necessary labels. Access requires registration with the Brazilian Association of Automation (GS1 Brazil), where members receive a login and a password.

Taxpayers must comply with this requirement and update their information promptly. Starting 2 September 2024, any GTIN code inconsistencies will result in invoice rejections.

This requirement is mandated by the National Council of Treasury Policy (CONFAZ) and has been regulated since 2005 by SINIEF Adjustment 07/05. SINIEF Adjustment 19/16 also emphasizes GTIN validation.

Correctly updated GTINs provide benefits such as easier product sales on e-commerce and marketplaces, higher visibility in search results and price comparison sites, and enhanced consumer trust in the brand.

The GTIN validation process has been gradually implemented. Since 1 April 2024, a new list of products, including dairy products, sugars, confectionery, alcoholic beverages and vinegar, has been validated as detailed in Technical Note 2021.003, chapter four.

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