Pagero Bankgiro Link/ Pagero Internet

Pagero Autogiro Mikro  
System requirements

• Windows 7, 8 and 10 or Windows Server 2008 R2 and upwards.
• .NET 4.5 (included in the installation)



The installation process is divided into three steps. It’s important that you install the units in the correct order.

  1. Install the card reader. You don’t need the card reader if your bank allows file certificates for Pagero Bankgiro Link.
  2. Install the security software BankID. 
  3. Install Pagero Presentation and then Pagero Internet. If you’re doing a network installation, every computer should each have a local installation of the software. Installation in the Citrix environment should be done on the common server.

Restart the computer when all the three installations are done.


Configure Pagero Bankgiro Link

If several users/installations should be able to use the same information in the software, then every user needs to use the same database.

  1. Start Pagero Bankgiro Link.
  2. In the log in-window, click New to create your database.
  3. Choose an alternative location if you work in a network, if not – just click Open.
  4. Enter the license key you have received for Pagero Bankgiro Link.
  5. In the window Create new user, you add users. The users that are added first will automatically receive administrator’s rights. More users can be added in Pagero Link under Users. Note that only the administrator can add users, make changes to settings in the software, and administrate passwords and rights for profiles.
  6. Log into Pagero Bankgiro Link.
  7. Choose communication protocol and click Continue. Specify the customer and organisation number with BGC. Select the profile and choose Start.
  8. Choose if the program should take a back up of the database. You can later change this option in the program in ToolsBackup.
  9. To choose authority level for a profile, click User. Select which profiles a user should have access to. The standard setting is that everyone has access to everything.
  10. Go to ToolsFolders and enter the right catalogue for sent/received files.
  11. To activate validation of files, go to ToolsPreferences, and the tab Validation and adjust file validation for the desired file types.

Send files

  1. Open Pagero Bankgiro Link. The first time you use the program you have to activate your profile by clicking Profiles and choosing the correct profile.
  2. Click Connect in the top left corner.
  3. Choose certificate and click Ok. Enter the PIN code for signing.
  4. Select Send file in the left column.
  5. Select the file you wish to send by clicking Browse. Skip this step if you have made changes in catalogue setting.
  6. Make sure that the file and amount is correct and that the file is correct through file validation. Click Send.
  7. A dialog box is shown in which you can enter which send type the file should have: Production mode, Production mode with signing or Test mode.
  8. Enter your PIN code.
  9. Now the file is sent to BGC and a copy of the file has been added to History.
  10. Change to the section Bankgirot to confirm that the file is being processed by BGC.
  11. If the file is not signed, select the file and click Sign.
  12. Enter your PIN code.

Receipt of sent files

  1. Go to History in the menu to the left.
  2. Select the file that has been sent and click Receipt.
  3. If everything has gone as planned you will get a printable receipt from BGC.

Receive files

Note that to be able to fetch feedback reports on files you need to have a valid agreement with your bank.

  1. Select Receive files in the menu to the left.
  2. Click Connect.
  3. Choose your certificate in the list and click Ok.
  4. Enter your PIN code.
  5. Now the files that are ready for fetching will be displayed. Select the file you want to fetch.
  6. Click Receive. The file is downloaded to your computer and is saved in the catalogue that is specified in ToolsFolders.

Migrate Pagero BgCom to Pagero Bankgiro Link

  1. Make sure you have a new license that supports both BgCom and Bankgiro Link.
  2. Log into the program with a user that has administrator’s rights.
  3. Click Profiles to view the Manage profiles window.
  4. Select your BgCom profile and click Convert.
  5. Enter you customer number with Bankgirot and click Convert.
  6. Restart the program and you new BgLink profile will be ready to use.
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