Pagero Autogiro Pro


 Agreement with the bank 

Before you can start using the Autogiro service, your company must sign an agreement with the bank. You must then send a test file to Bankgirot. The test file must contain both consents and payment assignments.

When your company is ready to sign an agreement with your bank concerning Autogiro, there are a number of points to consider. These are described in the following section:

Block on credits

In the agreement, your company can state that credits are not permitted. If a payment assignment which you send to Bankgirot contains a credit, Bankgirot will reject it and not process it further. It will be reported in the Format error list provided by Bankgirot.


When you sign an agreement with your bank, you must decide whether Bankgirot is to attempt retries to determine whether there are sufficient funds in accounts. You can agree on up to three retries. A description of how retries are carried out is given below:

1 On the morning of the payment day, Bankgirot will send a data file to the banks of all payers. The bank will then approve the debit from the payer’s bank account, provided there are sufficient funds in the account. Note that as the balance check is performed early in the morning on the payment day, the payer must have sufficient funds in his or her bank account on the bank working day before the payment day.
2 If the bank does not approve the debit, it will notify Bankgirot accordingly. Bankgirot will report this payment item to the payee in the Sufficient funds checklist (Täckningskontrollista). If the payee has not chosen the retries option, the payment item will be marked with the comment Non-sufficient funds (Täckning saknas). If the payee has chosen retries, the payment item will be marked with the comment Renewed coverage (Förnyad täckning).
3 On the following business day, Bankgirot will perform another test for the payment items that were marked Renewed coverage on the previous bank working day. If the bank does not approve the payment on this occasion either, repeated attempts will be made until either the agreed maximum number of retries is reached or the payment is approved by the payer’s bank.
4 If the payment is not approved on the last attempt, Bankgirot will notify the payee accordingly in the Sufficient funds checklist by inserting the comment Non-sufficient funds.

Payer number and weighing code

In Autogiro Privat, the payer number is used to identify a payer and to link the payer to the right bank account number. Each payer must therefore have a unique payer number. As payer number, you can use different types of terms which you use in your customer register to identify your customers. To increase the security of Autogiro Privat, the agreement contains information on a weighing code for the payer number. Depending on the weighing code you specified in the agreement, Bankgirot will check the payer number on the basis of, for example, a 10-module control.

NOTE! Only use the type of payer number that you have agreed with your bank.

This table shows the checks that are available and the weighing code you should specify in the agreement:

Bank account number (not recommended) 1
National ID number 2
Other number which must be checked in accordance with 10-module 3
Other number which must be checked in accordance with 11-module 4
Other number which is not to be checked 5


The payer in Autogiro

General information concerning consents

In order for the payee to be entitled to request payments from the payer’s account, the payer must give his consent to the payee. The payer can give their consent in one of two ways:

  • By completing, signing and sending in a form (Autogiro notification, consent or BG 600 P) to your company.
  • By giving their consent via his internet bank.

In connection with each change, when a customer signs a new consent or when a consent is cancelled, the payer will receive confirmation from their bank. A description is given below of how the two types of consent work:

Form-based consent

1 The payee sends consent forms to their customers (payers).
2 The payer fills in and signs the form and then returns it to the payee.
3 The payee registers the consent and sends the information to Bankgirot. The payee archives the consent that they received from the payer (in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act).
4 Bankgirot enters the information concerning the new consent in its consent register.
5 If the payer or the specified bank account is not already listed in the consent register, Bankgirot will check that the payer’s bank will allow the bank account to be debited in Autogiro.
6 Bankgirot will collate a data file: Consent notification, which the payee receives from Bankgirot. The file contains confirmations of approved consents and error messages for rejected consents. The payee can also receive this information in a list. The payer’s bank sends a notification to the payer when the consent has been approved by the bank.
6 No earlier than six calendar days after the information on the new consent has been received by Bankgirot, the payee can execute the first payment from the payer’s account.


Electronic consent

Electronic consent means that payers can give, alter or cancel their consents via their internet bank. Electronic consent is simpler for the payee as the process is automated.

1 The payer registers a new electronic consent with their internet bank. Information on the consent is forwarded by the internet via Bankgirot to the payee.
2 The payee receives information on new electronic consents in a data file from Bankgirot. Pagero Presentation will help you to view incoming material.
3 The payee checks that the information in the electronic consent is correct. If the payer number specified by the payer is not correct, the payee may alter it to the correct payer number.
4 Within no more than six banking days, the payee must send a reply to Bankgirot stating whether they approve or reject the consent.
5 If the payee receives information on electronic consents in a data file, the payee must return a data file containing information on whether the consent is approved or rejected.
6 If the payee receives information concerning electronic consents in lists (forms), the payee will approve or reject them and return the list to Bankgirot.
7 Bankgirot will send a notification to the payer’s internet bank stating that the consent has been approved or rejected (in the case of some banks, the payer will be notified by post).

Recipient directory

Bankgirot’s website and the internet banks have a directory of payees. The banks’ customers can search for the payees they wish to make payments to via Autogiro. By participating in the payee directory, your company can market the fact that you use Autogiro, which may encourage more payers to use this method of payment. Contact your bank if you wish to participate in Autogiro’s payee directory.

Test sending

Before you can start using Autogiro, you must carry out a test sending with satisfactory results. The procedure for carrying out a test sending is as follows:

1 When you have signed the agreement with the bank, you will receive a welcome letter from Bankgirot, informing you that you can now carry out the test sending.
2 Create some consents and payment assignments using authentic data in Pagero Autogiro Mikro.
3 Send the data file to Bankgirot. Use the delivery method that you agreed with your bank. State that it is a test file you are sending. For instructions on how to indicate in your communication program that it is a test file and how to use a test authentication key, see the program documentation or contact the communication program supplier.
4 Bankgirot will receive and check your test file. If the file is correct, you will receive written confirmation that you can start using Autogiro. If the file contains errors, your company will be contacted by Bankgirot’s customer test group, who will state what the errors consist of and advise what your company should do to rectify them.



Pagero Autogiro Pro


In order to send files to Bankgirot, you will need a communication program such as Pagero BgLink or Pagero BgCom.

Using a card reader connected to your computer and an electronic ID card (SmartCard), your information will be checked automatically against the bank’s authority register. The file will be sent directly via your internet connection.

When you have one or both of these programs installed, Pagero Autogiro Pro will detect it/them. Under the menu item Options Settings Communication, you will see which of these programs is/are installed. You should also select the one you want to use there. When you then want to send your files to Bankgirot, Pagero Autogiro Pro will automatically start the communication program you selected.


Program window

The start page

The view that takes up most of the screen is the start page. The start page will be shown each time the program is started. Important information may be shown under the welcome message. You should therefore make a habit of regularly reading these messages.

The following information may be shown on the start page:

  • Number of cases currently waiting to be sent to Bankgirot. This includes, among other things, new consents and payment assignments, cancellations and approvals of new e-consents.
  • Errors reported by Bankgirot concerning new payment assignments and consents.
  • Number of new e-consents which need to be approved or rejected.
  • Number of unrectified problems which arose upon importing of information from Bankgirot.
  • Information on new payment assignments which must be sent to Bankgirot immediately.
  • Information on new payment assignments whose payment date has passed and which therefore need to be adjusted before they can be sent to Bankgirot.

The category field

Using the categories which can be seen along the left-hand side on the program, you can get an overview of and manage all information in the program. Pagero Autogiro Pro has a search function, which makes it easy to find the particular customer you are looking for. You can search for customer number or name, for example. Click Search above the category field in order to search in the relevant category.

The following categories are available:

  • Customers – In addition to seeing a list of all your customers, you can also search for a particular customer here.
  • Consents  – All existing and erroneous consents are shown here. By clicking on an erroneous consent, you can correct the error and then resend it.
  • Payment assignments – List of existing and failed payment assignments. You can also correct any errors that a payment assignment contains here.
  • Transaction history – Summary of the transactions that have been completed
  • E-consents – All new electronic consents are shown here.
  • Bankgiro number – The settings that apply to your Bank giro number are shown here.
  • Company –  Information about the company (the payee) is displayed here.
  • Statistics – A summary of, for example, imported files, customer and payment assignment statistics, total debits/credits per day/month, is shown here.


Using the program

Pagero Autogiro Pro always contains alternative ways of doing the same thing. One of these alternative ways is used in the instructions in the manual, but it may of course be possible that a different way is better for you. One handy tip is to always right-click where you want to make a change or similar. Suitable suggestions for the context where you right-click will usually be displayed. Two examples:

  • Instead of double-clicking on a customer in order to open its dialog box, you can right-click on the customer’s name and bring up a customised menu.
  • Instead of going via the menu item ToolsNew payment assignmentOne-off assignment when you want to set up a new payment assignment for an existing customer, you can double-click the customer’s name or on the consent and bring up the dialog box for the customer (see figure below).

In this dialog box, you can alter the personal and consent information, add new payment assignments and delete the customer from the database.



General information

Below is a short description of the process of getting paid from a new Autogiro customer:


The payer signs a consent and thereby authorizes that the recipient can request a withdrawal from the payer’s bank account. There are two ways for the payer to leave a consent:

  • To the recipient by form.
  • To the Internet bank (e-consent).
2 The recipient gathers the payment orders in a data file and sends it to Bankgirot.
3 On the due day of the payment the payers bank will make sure that suffcient funds are available on the payers account.
4 If sufficent funds are available, the money will be transfered to the recipients account.
5 The reciever gets a statement of payments from Bankgirot.
6 The payer gets a message concerning accomplished payments from their bank.

The procedure for adding a new customer (payer) in Pagero Autogiro Pro is as follows:

1 Select ToolsNew Autogiro customer or InputNew Autogiro customer.
2 Enter information on the customer in the dialog box that appears. Note! It is important to distinguish whether the customer is a private individual or a company..
3 Specify the consent information that is linked to the customer. You will find more information on this below.
4 Payment assignments can also be filled in directly by clicking the Add Payment assignment box. More information on this is presented below.
5 Save.
6 When all customers have been entered, you will be able to see a list of these customers by selecting the category Customers > Show all customers.



General information

A consent is what indicates that you as a payee may receive payment(s) from your customer by debiting money from their account/bankgiro. Consents contain information on the customer, name, account number/bankgiro number, national ID number/organisation number and payer number.

Payer number

In Autogiro Privat, the payer number is used to identify the payer’s payer and to link the payer to the right bank account number. Each payer must therefore have a unique payer number. For payer number, the system can use different types of terms which the payee uses in their customer register in order to identify their customers, e.g. national ID number or customer number.

It is important that the type of payer number that is used in the program corresponds with the weighing code that you specified in the agreement with your bank.


The procedure for entering consent information in Pagero Autogiro Pro is as follows:

The payer’s account number – Account numbers are specified with the sort code on the left and the account number on the right. If the account number is a Nordea personal account number, it must be specified with the sort code ‘3300’.

National ID number or organisation numberNational ID numbers are specified according to the format YYYYMMDD-DD-DD-XXXX. The program automatically formats the national ID number if it is written in a different format. If organisation number is used, it must always start with 00.


Payment assignments

General info

When Bankgirot has approved the consents you have sent, it is time to send payment assignments. The information that the bank needs in order to debit the correct amount punctually is specified in the payment assignment. The following must be specified in a payment assignment:

  • Type of payment assignment – Select whether you wish to create a single assignment, periodic assignment or credit.
  • Payment date – The date on which the money is to be debited from the payer’s account/bank giro.
  • Periodicity – Here, you specify how often the money is to be debited, e.g. a one-off assignment, monthly or quarterly.
  • Number – The number of times the debit is to take place should be specified here. In the case of one-off payments or credits, the number cannot be selected.
  • Amount – Specify the amount that is to be debited from the payer.
  • Reference – It is possible to enter a reference number, e.g. an invoice number. The reference is included in feedback reports from Bankgirot (not mandatory).

The procedure for adding a payment assignment in Pagero Autogiro Pro is as follows:

1 Select the customer or consent for which you wish to add a new payment assignment.

Select ToolsNew payment assignment and then specify the type of payment that is to be made.

  • One-off payment: fill in the payment date and the required amount.
  • Periodic assignment: fill in the first payment date, the periodicity, the number of debits and the required amount.
  • Credit: fill in the first payment date, the periodicity, the number of credits and the required amount. NB: No minus sign is required before the amount.
3 You can view a list of all payment assignments in the category field. Select Payment assignmentShow all payment assignments.



Highlight the required customer’s consent or payment assignment. Then select Cancel and a confirmation will appear. After the cancellation has been executed, a file will automatically be created which is sent to Bankgirot for validation.


In order for your database in Pagero Autogiro to contain accurate information and be updated retrospectively, the program must know when the consent has been approved and when debits or cancellations are made. This is handled using electronic feedback – you retrieve files from Bankgirot for import into Pagero Autogiro.

The procedure for retrieving and importing feedback files from Bankgirot is as follows:

1 Select ArchiveImport Autogiro files.
2 When the file has been retrieved from Bankgirot, it should be saved in:
C:\documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\Diamo\Pagero Autogiro Pro\agfiles\incoming and will then be visible in the dialog box.
3 Select the file and select Read.
4 Your database will be updated with new information on the actions that have been carried out on your customer number at Bankgirot.



The program contains an advanced report generator for presenting the required information on paper. This can be useful for anyone carrying out some form of check or who just wants to save completed transactions or similar in a folder.

The procedure for creating a report in Pagero Autogiro Pro is as follows:

1 Select ArchiveShow reports.

Select the type of report you want to create. The available alternatives are:

  • Payment assignments
  • Consents
  • Transactions
  • Labels in two designs
3 In the right-hand part of the window, make the selections on which the report is to be based, e.g. date and status.
4 Select Show report.

If you need a more customer-specific report template, please contact Pagero.


Information for your customers

Stopping of payment assignments

Stopping an individual payment:

The payer can stop an individual debit by contacting their company no later than two banking days before the due date.

Stopping all payments concerning a particular consent:

The payer can stop all debits concerning a particular consent by contacting their bank. All payments that are based on the consent that has been stopped will be rejected until the stop is cancelled at the request of the payer. If the payer does not ask for the stop to be cancelled within 45 banking days, the consent will be cancelled by Bankgirot. The payer’s bank will give instructions on what the payer should do in order to request that the consent be stopped.


Change of account number or bank

If a payer wishes to change bank account number for their payments in Autogiro, they should contact their bank.

Cancelling consents

  • The payer’s bank may cancel a payer’s consent in certain circumstances, e.g. if:
  • The payer has closed their bank account with the bank.
  • The payer has misused their bank account with the bank.
  • The payer has asked the bank to terminate the consent.
  • The payer’s bank is entitled to terminate the payer’s affiliation to Autogiro 30 days after the bank has notified the payer.
  • A consent will remain valid until cancelled. The payer may terminate a consent by contacting their bank or your company. The consent will cease to apply no later than five banking days after the recall is received by the payer’s bank or your company.
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