Pagero Invoice Portal 1.0

Create and send invoices
According to generally accepted accounting praxis, you should attach the original invoice to the created e-invoice that you send with Pagero Web Portal. 

1. Go to WebPortal – Create einvoice. Choose the recipient in the drop down menu where detailed information is displayed. Click Choose recipient


2. Create a new invoice by filling out the fields in the invoice form. Start by choosing Credit or Debit note. Mandatory fields are marked with a red border.



3. Click the plus symbol above the row section to add more rows. Click the greencheckmark when you’ve filled out the information in the invoice row to save it. To edit a row, click the empty field under Edit.


4. You can also add invoice row specifications to any of the invoice rows by clicking the icon to the right that looks like a pinned note.


5. Make sure that all the information is correct and that you have registered the correct VAT-amounts. Click Proceed with the invoice to proceed.


6. The dialog box Approve& send will appear. Click the invoice in the list to see detailed information. Check the box to left of the invoice to approve. Click Send to send the e-invoice to your customer.


7. If you want to add an attachment to your invoice, highlight the invoice and click Select file. Browse the file you want to attach and enter what kind of attachment it is. Finish by clicking Add attachment at the bottom.


Save as draft

If you want to save the invoice as a template for later invoices, click Save as draft instead of Proceed with the invoice when you have finished filling out all the fields in the invoice. You can access it at all times by clicking Saved invoice drafts.


Do you have any questions? 

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Or call us, chat with us or submit a request here: support


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