Pagero Invoice Portal 1.0

Create and send electronic invoices in Pagero Invoice Portal 1.0

1. Log in to Pagero Online with your credentials and go to "Pagero Web Portal – Create e-invoice":


2. Choose to whom you want to send your invoice to by click on the dropdown list. Available recipients are the ones you have added to your customer directory.

*If you can’t find the recipient in the drop-down menu, you need to add them in your customer directory in Pagero Online. Information on how to add customers can be found here.

When you have found your recipient, click on Choose recipient. 


3. Create a new invoice by filling out the fields in the invoice form.

*Keep in mind that some customers could have some extra mandatory requirements or strict range of values that do not appear in this generic guide, you can check all extra invoice requirements on the Project page. 

* Project Page Page is a website where you can register your company to Pagero Online so that you can start to send documents via Pagero Web Portal to the desired recipient.
From the project page you will also find information gathered about other alternatives for sending documents to your customer.
You’ll get the link for the project page from your customer (the company you are about to send a document to) or from Pagero support.


a. Specify whether it is a debit or credit invoice then fill in the remaining fields. Mandatory fields are marked with a red frame and most of them will be filled from the recipient profile and your profile.


b. Click on the plus sign above the invoice rows to add more rows. Once you have filled in the information in the invoice row you click on the green checkmark save it or click on the red X on the right to delete an invoice row:


c. If you wish, you can add an invoice row specification. To do so, click on the yellow note symbol and add the information.


d. Add payment details or change payment detail in the bottom-right part of the form:


This information can be added to you Pagero Online account so it’s automatically inserted in all invoices:
 - On the left side, in the main menu, go to "Settings - Company information"
 - Click on the tab "Portal settings", add the information and click "Save":

e. Make sure that the invoice is complete and correct and that you’ve entered the correct VAT/Tax rates. When you are ready and want to send the invoice, click on Proceed with the invoice:


f. If you want to save the invoice as a template for later invoices, click "Save as draft" instead of "Proceed with the invoice" when you have finished filling out all the fields in the invoice. You can access it at any time by clicking "Pagero Web Portal – Saved invoice drafts".


4. Once you have chosen to proceed with the invoice, you will be redirected to "Approve and Send documents".

You will find your invoice under "Documents awaiting approval". This is where you can add attachments to your invoice. You can create several invoices and place in this list and choose to send all invoices at the same time, or you can create and send one invoice at a time:


5. If you want to add an attachment to your invoice, highlight the invoice and click "Select file".

Browse the file you want to attach and enter what kind of attachment it is. Finish by clicking "Add attachment" at the bottom.


*According to generally accepted accounting praxis, you should attach the original invoice to the created e-invoice that you send with Pagero Web Portal. 

6. When the attachment has been added, choose the invoice by check the box, and then click on Send, to send your invoice.


If you have any questions you can always find contact information to our Support team in Pagero Online, under the tab Support. 
Call us, chat with us or submit a request here: support


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