Testing of the installation: Pagero Printer.

Check list

  • Is Pagero Printer listed among the installed printers?
  • Are you able to choose Pagero Printer when printing in the ERP/Financial system?
  • Can all the Users both Read & Write in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Pagero\USER?
  • Is the Pagero PrinterListener running for all the users (check Task Manager)?
  • Can you find a PDF in C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Pagero Connect\VirtualPrinter\In?
  • Is the Pagero Connect application starting automatically (It should not be running before you carry out this test)?

Testing the printer

To test the installation, test the printer.

Test: Open a document (of any kind). Print it by choosing File/Print… Then select Pagero Printer’s printer driver.
Result: The document should print. If you are using Pagero Connect for communication, the application should start, and the document show up with a progress ban and a status showing that the document was sent.

If you are using Pagero Server Connect for communication; the file should be sent (but no GUI displays status). In either case above, to check that the document was sent to Pagero Online, log on to Pagero Online’s website (www.pageroonline.com). Go to Invoice history/Handle error batches. The file should be displayed in the list.

Testing attachment handling in Server Connect

The purpose of the test is to make sure your regular expressions for binding the main document to its attachments.

First a quick operational note: For the application to function as desired (that main documents are connected to attachments and transferred together to the Pagero Online processing platform), attachments need to be written to their destination folder first; and last the main document must be put in its place.

The important thing here is to identify how the files names will allow you to tie the documents together. This is done by letting parts of the file name be the same for files that belong together, in a way that eliminates ambiguity. In other words, the part of the name that is used to die documents together, must be unique. Make sure the flag subDocumentAware is set to true under the outbox-tag in the configuration file. Then define the regular expression needed to identify your file names.

Put files that are named according to your regular expressions (and that mirrors the file naming you will use in production) into the file folders used for testing of your outbox. Send the files to Pagero Online. Then log on to the Pagero Online portal, to check whether your files came across correctly.


Example 1: Invoice with one general attachment in PDF format.



Example 2: Invoice with one presentation attachment (invoice image) and general attachments.



  • The most common error is that Users do not have sufficient user rights in Document and Settings\All Users\application Data\Pagero. The Users need to be able to both Read & Write.
  • PageroPrinterListener needs to be running for all Users. This is easily verified through checking the Task Manager.
  • If the printed invoice (PDF file) is blank, a possible reason could be that a pcl-driver is used. Pagero Printer demands postscript.
  • To check if the printed PDF file actually was saved to Documents and Settings\All Users\application Data\Pagero\User, check the logfile in C:\WINDOWS\TempPageroPrintingNNNNNlog (txt).
  • The Log file for Pagero PrinterListener is found in C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Temp and is called PageroPrinterListener.log.
  • To check if the PDF was moved to the Virtual Printer directory in Pagero Connect, check if there is a *.pdfACK file in Documents and Settings\All Users\application Data\Pagero\USER.

Understanding the Pagero Printer normal flow

  1. The customer chooses to print an invoice, which results in a print dialogue being opened.
  2. Pagero Printer is chosen.
  3. Pagero Printer receives the data to be printed and creates a PDF, that is saved in Documents and Settings\All Users\application Data\Pagero\USER.
  4. PageroPrinterListener detects the new PDF file (the invoices) and moves it to Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Pagero Connect\VirtualPrinter\In.
  5. PageroPrinterListener notices or starts Pagero Connect and informs that there is a new PDF file (new invoices), that is ready to be sent.
  6. Pagero Connect sends the PDF files (invoices) to Pagero Online.
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