Software upgrades

If you are running the Pagero Server Connect software, a version check will occur upon every start of the application. If a newer version is available that requires you to upgrade,  an email will be sent to the email address configured in the application. If you receive an upgrade notification, follow these steps to upgrade Pagero Server Connect.

  1. Make sure to pause the scheduler for Pagero Server Connect.
  2. Open a file explorer and browse for the installation folder for Server Connect. We want to keep the folder untill the upgrade is done. Rename the folder, for example by adding a date to the folders name.
  3. Create a new folder for the Pagero Server Connect Software.
  4. Log in to Pagero Online’s web site ( Go to Support > Downloads. Click the symbol 1.pngto download a zip file containing the installation.
  5. Extract the files to the new folder you created above. The folder should now contain the files listed in chapter 5.
  6. Copy the configuration file (config.xml) from the “old” install folder.
  7. Make sure that your scheduling software points to poscripted.jar and start the scheduler again.
  8. Upgrade is done.
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