E-mail distribution

Log on to Pagero Online. -> In the left menu select Customer directory and Email distribution


Click on Add email address.


Enter the customer number and e-mail address and click SaveYou can also add a CC E-mail address if you want the document to reach more than one email address. 




You can now see that the customer number and e-mail address has been saved to your list. Now you're able to edit or delete the existing customer.




How to create a list in Excel

Start Excel, create your list by using two columns. Each column must have to have a heading called: “customer_number” and “email”. You can then begin entering the customer numbers and e-mail addresses. You can also download ready-made templates with correct layout both in excel and csv-format from Customer Directory -> Email Distribution -> "Import email addresses" --> "Help".


If you have multiple customer numbers for the same e-mail recipient, you should write the different customers numbers in the same row. When you are finished, save your file.

Note! To download your e-mail distribution list to Pagero Online, you must save the file in CSV format.


Now you are ready to upload your list to Pagero Online. You can do this by logging in to Pagero Online. Then, in the left menu select Customer directory and Email distribution.

Click: Import email addresses.

Click Choose File and select the file you want to upload. Next click Upload and Back. Note: You can also find quick help and ready-made templates in correct formats behind the Help-button.

You should now see your e-mail distribution list in Pagero Online and are ready to send PDF invoices to your receivers.


To quickly find a customer in your list, you can search for email addresses or customer numbers. Search by entering search parameters, then click search.



Additional information:

  • If you have both techniques in use and both settings in Pagero Online turned ON, the setting “E-mail distribution” will be prioritized.
  • Invoices will be sent as PDF-files as well as the attachments.

  • Here's a example of the E-mail that will be sent to the recipient:


The e-mail message that the recipient will recieve has the subject: “PDF invoice from [The name of the company that sends the invoice]” and the invoice includes the following text:


Dear customer,

Please find attached a PDF document containing a payment reminder from [The name of the exhibiting company] as per the following summary:

Invoice number:

Invoiced amount:

Due date:

If you have any questions related to this document, please send an email to [e-mail adress to exhibiting company].

Best regards,

[The name of exhibiting company]

[Department of exhibiting company]


If no language has been specified in the invoice that has been sent to Pagero Online, the e-mail will be sent in the language that the exhibiting company has set in Pagero Online.


  • How to change your e-mail distribution list

1. Log on to Pagero Online -> In the left menu select Customer directory and Email distribution.

2. You can choose to change your current list here. For example, you can add new e-mail addresses by clicking Add email. You can also change an address by clicking Edit, or you can delete an address by clicking Delete.


3. If your address list is long, it might be easier to work with it in Excel. In order to do that, you must first export the list to Excel. To do this, click Export to Excel and OK.

4. In Excel, you can add, modify or delete existing customer numbers and addresses. If you want to add new customer number or address, the easiest way would be be to add more rows in your list.

5. If you want to change an existing address or a customer number, you can click in the cell you want to modify and make your changes.

6. If you want to delete a customer number and an address entirely, select an entire row, right-click and select Remove. Here we have added new rows with corresponding customer numbers and emails.


7. When you are finished, save your file. Note, that the format must be CSV.


If Excel want you to confirm that you want to save in CSV format, click YES.


8. Now you can open your updated e-mail distribution list in Pagero Online, by clicking: Import email addresses. Click Choose File and select the file you want to upload to Pagero Online, click Open.

Click Upload and Back.

9. You should now see your new list in Pagero Online.




* If you need more information about E-mail distribution, please contact Pagero Support.

* If you do not have access to send invoices via e-mail, and you’d like to learn more about it, please turn to your sales representative at Pagero.

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